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In light of recent political events and those events that we cannot forget of the last 75 years in the name of Palestinian erasure under Israeli occupation, all profits from this store will go to refugees of Palestine

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“Lost Youth” Original Painting - art under moonlight

A Psyche of Lost Youth (2023)

A stirring oil painting on canvas depicting a multi-generational Palestinian psyche. What began as children and families escaping the ravages of war quickly turned into the complete loss of home. The orange and olive groves that once were communities of nourishment quickly became replaced with daunting blood soaked villages and a perceived forgotten people. MoonChild works to unveil the reality of a surviving culture still searching for hope and renewal in a tapestry forcably woven.

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“Lost in Metamorphosis” Original Painting - art under moonlight

Lost in Metamorphosis (2023)

MoonChild invites you to explore the intricate dance between dysphoria of the body and of identity. In this painting, this juxtaposition is compared to the zeal of western ideals.

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Bound In Entrapment (2022)

A painting and drawing of the psychological impact of anxiety, showing the physical manifestation of the confinement it brings.

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  • Letting Loose (2020)

    Acrylic on canvas portrayal of an unsustainable desire for perfection and control.

  • Seeking the Known (2022)

    An oil painting depicting a woman searching for solace behind a fractured glass.

  • Shatter the Silence (2020)

    Three percent of her body has been untouched. Ninety-seven percent too low. (according to statistics)

  • Behind Our Eyes (2021)

    The cascading change between seeing, knowing, and remembering, the blood.

  • Mer-Fairy (2022)

    A fantastical drawing of a mermaid adorned with wretched fairy wings living in perfect tranquility.

  • Setting Sun, Rising Moon (2021)

    An experimentation of acrylic color blending to evoke a mesmerizing sunset on paper.

  • From a Bird’s Eye (2023)

    A fun process drawing to explore what can be seen from a birds eye view.

  • Building Blocks (2023)

    Acrylic on paper candid depicition of day-to-day family life.

8.5”x11” (2023)

Ghosts Inside

Do you ever wonder how many people a building meets? As it stands still, people passing by and through. They, along with trees, have an ability to transcend our framework of time, but unlike trees, they do not fall with ease.


5.8”x8.3” (2023)

Architecture From Bali

Structures entirely made from bamboo, a country more sustainable in their building operations and yet suffering some of the worst effects of climate change.


8.3”X5.8” (2023)

European Architecture

How beautiful and strong can a building truly be? For how long? And to what degree? Imagine a building made out of carbon storing building materials....

Alas this building already exists. What if we allowed moss to grow on its surface? With its protection, moisture could feed the plant and a storage unit for unnecessary carbon could be almost effortlessly added to this beautiful building.


A Portrait In Power (2023)

MoonChild’s first portrait painting in oil, toying with the energy of colors and its parallels with hidden identity.

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